As a Volunteer you will get free entry to the event!  You will also learn the secret that it is as much fun behind the bar as in front of it.

The Summerfest and Winterfest festivals need many people to make them the success they are.  The organising committee is small.  To serve Beer, Lager, Cider, Pimms, Gin and soft drinks to 4000 people requires many, many others who commit 2 hours of the day to serving, and to other tasks such as selling vouchers, manning the entrances, and also to setting up and clearing the site before and after.

If you wish to volunteer then all you have to do is contact us at hadbfvolunteers@gmail.com and we will put you onto our register.  Before each Summerfest and Winterfest we will contact you to see if you are willing to support that particular event.  If you are, we will allocate a 2-hour shift to you on the bar or activity of your choice (as far as is possible).  As a volunteer, you will get free entrance to any event for which you volunteer.

Volunteers access the site via an entrance separate to the public, permitting you to enter the site earlier and without queuing.  On entry you will get one of the commemorative festival glasses and, for Summerfest, a free Volunteer T Shirt advertising the important contribution that you are making.

All we ask of you is to report to your chosen location a few minutes before your shift starts, sign on to your shift, be briefed on what is required and enjoy the next 2 hours.  Outside that, the day is yours.  Of course, we will not say no to an offer to do more, as many of loyal volunteers do.

Finally, with GPDR still a novelty, it would be wrong not to mention it as we will be collecting your personal data, most importantly your email address but also phone details.  This data is used solely to run probably the best beer festivals in the country and to invite you to participate, nothing else at all.  If you are contacted by a timeshare salesman, it will not be because of us, and a simple request to  hadbfvolunteers@gmail.com will permanently remove your details from the register.


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